About Us

In 1996, founders George and Teresa Huggins answered a heartfelt call to reach out to others and start an outreach that would fill a void for the lonely and less fortunate, while reaching across lines and uniting the Muncie community. Joined by a host of gracious, loving, and giving donors and volunteers, the Harvest Celebration Thanksgiving Day Dinner has grown to become a tremendous expression of the generous “spirit of community” very much alive in Muncie. The outreach feeds hundreds of area residents through served meals and delivery to homes on Thanksgiving Day.

Members of Feed My Sheep who make this event possible!


Peggy Fisher, Board Member – Volunteer Coordinator


Nicole Miles, Board Member – Food Drive Chair


Tamica Crummes, Planning Committee – Hot Meal Co-Chair











Not Pictured:

Georedt Michael Huggins, Board Member, Promotions Chair

Teanna Sherrell-Board Member, Secretary

Micah Maxwell-Planning Committee, Hot Meal Co-Chair

Steve Case-Board Member, Hot Meal Delivery Coordinator

Sade Wilson-Planning Committee Member, Hot Meal



Ethan Snyder, Board Member–Treasurer


Jeannine Lee Lake-FMS Chair-Board of Directors, Fundraising Chair

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